Info from Parent Meeting

posted Nov 22, 2011, 3:28 AM by Placer Wrestling
For those that were unable to attend the mandatory Parent meeting, basically they went over the budget and what each sport needs to continue to succeed.  Our sport uses the "donation" money to cover use of the gyms, pay referees, insurance, transportation, sport fees, and entry fees.  The budget said we need about 5000.00.  We have about 20 wrestlers.  If we get the desired $200.00 donation per wrestler, we will be fine.  I have not requested that money until the parents could see the presentation.  Now I would like you to donate whatever you can afford to help fund the sport.  The booster club is paying for our weight (hydration) certification this coming up Monday 11/28.  Also, adopt a wrestler money is due 12/2/11.